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Impact: Every Creative Must Attend Brian Solis’ INBOUND 2017 Session

by Christine Austin, Impact (excerpt)

HubSpot’s inbound marketing conference comes around once a year, and it’s almost always bigger and better than the year before.

With all the excitement and sessions going on all at once, it can be a real challenge to figure out where your time is best spent…especially if you’re a designer or a developer.

One thing that has challenged me in previous years, is determining what sessions will give me the biggest bang for my INBOUND buck as a creative.

That’s exactly why this year I took the time to put together four INBOUND 2017 sessions every creative must attend, along with what I’m hoping to get out of each of them […]

1. Brian Solis – X: The Experience Where Business Meets Design

Tuesday, Sep 26th, 10:30 – 11:15 AM

Finding the balance between business and design is a never ending challenge. So how do you create a meaningful connection between the two?

If you haven’t heard of Brian Solis and his book, X: The Experience When Business Meets Design, now is a perfect time for you two to become acquainted.

In this bestselling book, Brian takes an in-depth look at how important experience is in helping your business succeed. He stresses that it’s no longer enough to create a product that looks great but delivers meaningful experiences that win customers over.

As one of the most prominent thought leaders in business innovation, Brian studies the impact of disruptive technology and humanizes its ability to help people.

He also runs a blog,, which publishes resources weekly about the future of business and new technology.

What I’m hoping to get out of the session:

  • Techniques to map customer experiences throughout your product/service
  • How to use executive thinking and customer needs to build user experience.
  • Ways to use customer/audience feedback and feelings to gauge the evolution of your product […]

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