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Brian Solis Quoted In CIO Article About Immersive Technologies

Solis offers insight on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in a CIO article by Matt Kapko called “Making Waves with Immersive Technologies.” Kapko’s main thread is that “Immersive technologies, including augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality, don’t easily fit at most businesses today. But some early successes prove opportunity does exist in enterprise.” He posits that interest is growing, and more businesses are experimenting with the technology — or at least inves-tigating how an immersive expe-rience might improve outcomes or solve challenges. Wor
Solis says that while AR is already proving to be practical and highly beneficial in manufacturing, healthcare and warehouse logistics, CIOs should be evaluating the potential capabilities and applications for each scenario as it pertains to their business. “The best approach,” he says, “is to discuss options and opportunities with experts, developers and integrators to assess real-world, scalable solutions. In some cases, AR or VR may not be the best solution for now. From a technology standpoint, I do see AR beating VR to enterprise implementation simply because the technology, expertise and integration opportunities are a bit more mature.”
Read the entire article here.

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