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Solvis Consulting: Brian Solis’ Digital Change Agent Manifesto

by Adriana Olarte, Solvis Consulting (excerpt)

This recent article from Solvis Consulting looks at Brian Solis’ influential publication on digital transformation, The Digital Change Agent Manifesto.

From the article:

After 5 years of research and 30 interviews with those who have led digital transformation initiatives within the most recognized brands in the world, including Coca-Cola, Equifax, FCC, NFL, Samsung, Starbucks and Visa, among many others, the result is · The Digital Change Agent’s Manifesto ·, a publication by Brian Solis , digital analyst and anthropologist, who has studied and influenced the effects of emerging technology in business, marketing and culture. His research and his books have helped to better understand the relationship between the evolution of technology and its impact on business and society, as well as the role each plays in it.

There is no single type of agent of change, as each person brings different sets of skills, objectives and aspirations, however, this report provides executives with an idea of ​​who these “agents of change” are, where they come from, critical roles they have within the company, the role they play in managing change and how they benefit all levels of organizations when they receive adequate support.

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