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Fintech5Podcast: Brian Solis, Digital Anthropologist, Episode 223 [Podcast]

by Fintech5Podcast


Where to start with Brian…” – I’m sure that’s a phrase his parents have used many times over the years.  Brian Solis is a global standard bearer for the digital age.  He is a successful company founder, a bestselling author, an outstanding interviewer (see his Revolution series on Youtube), has been recognized as the top blogger globally not once but twice, is one of the most sought after speakers in the world; I think you get the point.

Brian’s day job, if there is such a thing, is as the principal analyst at Altimeter Group focusing on digital strategy.  He focuses on the intersection points of digital and people to determine what effects social media and technology have on individuals and businesses to drive digital strategies and engagements.

And he is a really nice guy.

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