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If You’re not an Experience, You’re not a Brand. Period.

The headline was inspired by my new friend Manuel Diaz, president of  It’s a wise observation that he shared with me while talking about the future of brand and experience in Geneva recently. Luckily, Manuel’s team was on hand to document the experience for an episode of Marche Ou Crève and I wanted to share it with you here. It was the kind of conversation you have in a café in Europe over a glass of champagne…and although this was shot in a very swank hotel (The East West) in Switzerland, we did indeed have champagne!

In X, I make the case that experience is the new brand and that without experience architecture, your brand is leaving an incredible opportunity for meaningful engagement open to interpretation. In a connected society, impressions become expressions that influence the impressions of others. Experiences, especially intentional experiences, are more important than ever as they become a competitive advantage the more they are experienced and shared.

You’re customers are now an audience with an audience of audiences and as a result, brands are no longer created, they’re co-created. Experience is everything. Design it…for every moment of truth…where they matter in each moment and collectively.

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Experience is everything…read my new book, X!


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