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Inc.: 16 Top Marketing Blogs and Publications You Need to Be Following


By Travis Wright, Inc., Excerpt

The marketing industry must constantly evolve alongside the audiences it attempts to reach. Cutting-edge is adequate, and everything else falls by the wayside. I’ve often said that the one main secret to my success is my possession of an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and curiosity. Without that, it’s hard to stay relevant in a space that changes so rapidly. That being said, where can marketers go to learn from influencers within the industry?

16. Brian Solis

No list of marketing thought leader blogs would be complete without including Brian Solis. Solis, which is pronounced “so-lease” (I asked him), not “solace” or “soul-less,” has authored several best-selling books including: The End of Business as UsualWhat’s the Future of Business (WTF)Engage!, and his latest, X: The Experience Where Business Meets Design.

Key Resource: Insights & Books

His blog,, is ranked as a leading resource for insights into the future of business, new technology, and marketing.

Marketers are only as proficient as what they learn tomorrow. As ours is a business of “what’s next,” learning the fundamentals of “what was” is the first step in discovering your ability to innovate. If you stop learning in this space, you’ll quickly become irrelevant.


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