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The Miss Universe Design Fail and the Importance of Design


A short story on the importance of design.

Following the Miss Universe debacle, conversations continue to focus on Steve Harvey and his incredible mistake announcing “Miss Colombia” as the winner, then correcting himself two minutes later, saying Miss Philippines was the rightful winner. Aside from whether or not beauty pageants should still be a thing and why was it that Steve Harvey missed a good portion of the rehearsal, I wanted to turn the spotlight over to the importance of design.

Shortly after the incident, I published my thoughts on the UI of the cue card with an alternative proposed by Steve Garfield. Interestingly, it lead to an interesting series of news articles. I’m sharing here to document the event and also open up the conversations to your thoughts on design in our work, business, etc.

The Miss Universe Design Fail

This isn’t Steve Harvey ’s fault alone. Design is often underestimated and underappreciated. I think about how design in everything we do can change the future of everything.

It just starts with a shift in perspective and the courage to stand up and exclaim that yesterday’s standards hold us back from imagining or re-imagining tomorrow’s possibilities. Just think about parking signs, airline tickets, and ketchup bottles!

Everything and everyone can benefit from experience design

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