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Pivot Summit 2015: The Future of Business is Digital – Featuring Brian Solis, Robert Scoble, Shel Israel

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The Pivot Summit 2015 is in Geelong on 28 October, yet launches tomorrow, 25 September at the RACV Club Torquay with speakers including Robert Scoble.

The inaugural Pivot Summit 2015 is set to officially launch tomorrow (25/09) at the G21 Stakeholder Forum in front of over 230 business, community and political leaders at the RACV Club, Torquay.

But what is the Pivot Summit?

Its parent organisation, Pivot Summit Inc, is described as ‘an industry-led not for profit organisation supported by ICT Geelong.’

It’s sponsors include: Telstra, ICT Geelong, Digitalsmith, Fluid, Deakin University, Frank Health Insurance, tandemVox, Tribal, City of Greater Geelong Enterprise Geelong, Geelong Connected Communities, nalu productions and Perfect Events, with supporting partners including: BTS Technologies, AIMIA, Hydrix and The Pier.

So, what will happen at the Summit, and at tomorrow’s G21 Stakeholder forum – and who will speak?

With only five weeks until Pivot Summit comes to Geelong on 28 October, Pivot Summit Inc president Leighton Wells says he will ‘use the G21 Stakeholder Forum to unveil a motion graphics, multi-media presentation highlighting the ideas and impact of the event on the hearts and minds of the region.’

Wells added: “Attracting the calibre of speakers from across the country and the world to Geelong in October is an outstanding achievement and will pave the way for Pivot Summit to become a multi-site, multi-day festival of digital, music, film and future thinking in the years to come.

“This event will bring hundreds of digital professionals and creative thinkers to Geelong and inspire our future as a 21st Century City. The multi-media presentation to be unveiled tomorrow is just a taste of the world class design and visual identity development that will be a core part of the Summit experience itself.”

Speakers including Rackspace Futurist and former Chief Microsoft Technology Evangelist Robert Scoble and Principal Digital Analyst for Altimeter Group Brian Solis, (among other top speakers) who will ‘provide ideas and insights to help businesses innovate to generate economic benefits for sustainable jobs of the future.’

Wells added: “What isn’t well known in Geelong yet, is the depth and breadth of jobs and enterprises we already have in the region in digital and creative industries.

“Data shows that within the City of Greater Geelong alone, 6.3 percent of all jobs provided are within the digital and creative industries sector (10,745 jobs).

“With the manufacturing sector in decline, growth in creative industries is clearly seen around the world as a growing sector. Pivot Summit will have clear linkages to future job creation and economic growth.”

Tickets to Pivot Summit 2015 are now on sale for $195.

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