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The Moment of Truth: Connected Customers and How to Re-Imagine Customer Experiences

And then one day, it happened. Customers changed. How they make decisions changed. What they value and how they want to do business changed. The funny thing is…we didn’t. Now we can and a new generation of technologies and services make it possible to not only react but lead customer experiences moving forward.

To effectively compete in the digital economy, you are left with no choice; become customer-obsessed or lose! Every moment-of-truth counts when it comes to customer loyalty. For some, this paradigm shift will be easy. For many, you will have to re-think your business model.


I was invited to present at PegaWorld in front of 3,000 (gulp) technology and business leaders in Orlando to share views on how customers have changed and are changing. But that was just the beginning. I also broke things down to show how technology, and our own biases and processes, got in the way of evolution and innovation. Sometimes all we need to do is take a step back to see new ways to adapt and thrive.

I hope this helps presentation helps you…

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8 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “The Moment of Truth: Connected Customers and How to Re-Imagine Customer Experiences”

  1. Douglas Terry says:

    – Exemplary Thought-Leadership Brian – so many excellent Social points & insight in that video! I totally agree pertaining to your prognosis on the current affairs of digital marketing & social media.

    – An analogy I’ve keep coming back to is describing the current state of digital media & social marketing to the wild-wild west. A whole lot of exploring freshly-discovered territories absent of laws & historical generalities to rely on…complimented by a lot of “shooting from the hip.”

    – Sure every so-often we might come across the beginning-frameworks of like-minded settlers slowly constructing roads & infrastructure – the fact remains that we are trekking over virtually unmapped terrain with no basis or prior models to go by…

    – Insync with your prerogative, all i see is insurmountable Growth & Opportunity- I find this to be one of the most attractive characteristics in this journey — being able to discover & formulate enough insight to garner the vision to solve, create & develop standard solutions & guidelines.

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