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Brian Solis: The Future of Business. Innovate or Die

Earlier this year, Natascha Thomson interviewed Brian Solis about his book, What’s the Future of Business (WTF), at an event hosted by the Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC).

Here’s a sub-set of the questions addressed in the above video:

Everybody seem to be talking about the Future of Work now. Are the future of work and the future of business the same thing?

Another buzz word is user experience. I have seen social media professionals changing their actual titles to “Customer Experience” Manager. What’s behind it? Is it semantics or a real change?

What is really changing about business? At what peril do people and companies ignore “getting with the program” and embracing change?

As you know, I am only shopping on Yerdle for a full year. So the sharing economy is something I feel strongly about. In your book, you emphasize the value of shared experiences. What do you mean by that?

How do user experience and innovative leadership align?

You say that business models will be changing. Is this part of Digital Transformation, IoT or how does it all fit together?

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