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1to1 Media: 5 Ways to Transform the Customer Service Experience

Judith Aquino writing for 1to1 tackled the ways businesses need to rethink the customer experience. In her story, she features thoughts by Brian Solis and highlights the need for businesses to measure the experiences people have and share compared to the brand and product promise. He notes that there’s always a divide and to what extent is ours to fix.


When it comes to measuring the customer experience, companies may want to consider including the value of a shared experience, adds Brian Solis, a principal analyst at Altimeter Group. “Experiences today are not limited to the individual,” he notes. “If it’s a good or bad experience, people tend to share their experiences with others and this can affect other people’s decisions to do business with you.” Companies can measure their shared experience value through social listening, VOC feedback tools, and other channels and assign a metric to these insights.

1. Provide a “Human Touch”

2. Make Data-Driven Decisions

3. Select Service Channels Wisely

4. Explain what Makes a Great Customer Interaction

5. Measure what’s Important

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