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TheNextWeb Revists Brian Solis Amsterdam Keynote on Digital Disruption


No one will remember your failures, but everyone will remember your success.

Digital marketing analyst Brian Solis thinks we are living in very disruptive time and this is the time to change the future. Digital disruption is happening to us and it is happening because of us. Brian says that the rules are there to be broken because it isn’t the past that can hold us back. It’s the future and how we undermine it today.

We’ve just added Brian Solis’ talk from the TNW Europe Conference 2014 to our TNW Video site and you can watch it right now for free.

We don’t talk enough about ‘Digital Darwinism.’ There is a digital revolution and you either adapt or you die.  Kodak is an example of company that let its market to be disrupted and did not take enough action. It made a decision to not compete for the future. The lesson here is that if you are not going to disrupt your business model, it is going to be disrupted for you – Digital Darwinism favors those who try.

While we are competing for the future, technology should not be the only reason to shape the future. We should also think how are we going to change society and how can we make things easier for others. The paradox is that  technology actually makes us more human. How? And what are the other ways the technology is changing our lives? Watch Brian’s talk to find out.

Watch more TNW Conference videos right now at TNW Video.

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