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SXSW Jumps the Shark (Again?), The Meerkat Craze and Twitter’s Questionable Developer Relations – ContextMatters #6


Jumping the Shark Has Jumped the Shark

SXSW is a special event. It is what you make it and what you allow it to be. And, that’s what makes it both personal and serendipitous. That doesn’t stop people from asking every year whether or not SXSW has jumped the shark. Did you know that jumping the shark was a Happy Days reference? Chris and I talk about why SXSW is important and we speak to attendees about why they travel to Austin to experience it.

Meerkat, Meerkasting Craze and Twitter’s (Lack of) Developer Relations

Meerkat mania was everywhere at SXSW and the livestreaming app is only gaining traction. At some point during its meteoric rise, Twitter opted to disable a key feature of the app which allowed it (and its users) to tap into the social graph to promote programming among Twitter followers. At the same time, Twitter announced that it acquired Periscope, which is a direct competitor to Meerkat. We explore Twitter’s response and what’s next for Twitter’s developer relations.

Mailbag: Isn’t Facebook’s Suicide Prevention Features just covering their ass because of all the bullying they facilitate?

In our first mailbag segment, we respond to questions from our listeners. First up is a response to Facebook’s suicide prevention program and whether or not the announcement was simply CYA or is it something more?

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3 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “SXSW Jumps the Shark (Again?), The Meerkat Craze and Twitter’s Questionable Developer Relations – ContextMatters #6”

  1. HeatherSTL says:

    Data doesn’t lie. The Meerkat app definitely broke through the clutter to be one of the most talked about apps (and topics) at SXSW 2015. We’ll share more next week:

  2. Thank you. This is great light on Twitter – post Meerkat block, its changing stance on API and sentiment of stakeholders / shareholders. | Beacons – creep factor or serendipity? I’m optimistic once its more configurable and less battery-rinsing! | FB and counter bullying/suicide efforts – not an product problem but a cultural problem – agree, get it on the core curriculum.

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