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Blame it on the youth: How Rocket21 is connecting Generation Z and the future of business

The Millennial or Generation Y has the world abuzz. This generation is not only changing how businesses sell and what they sell, they’re also changing how businesses work. Millennials are indeed the first truly digital generation but they’re aren’t the only group with digital DNA. Generation Y, those that follow X and Generation Z behind them are rising fast. They too see the world differently and already represent a significant economic force in the world. In the United States, Generation Z is said to control up to $30 billion in spending. They’re connected. They’re informed. And, they’re practically immune to traditional sales and marketing programs established to serve the generations before them.

My guest on this episode of Revolution is Jodell Seagrave, president of Rocket 21. As an innovative social learning platform for middle school students, Jodell’s Rocket21 connects tweens, young teens and world class experts to help kids thrive. Seagrave shares her experience in how social technology plays a role in helping us better understand Generation Y, what they represent, what’s important to them, and how they make decisions.

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The End of Business as Usual is officially here…

10 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Blame it on the youth: How Rocket21 is connecting Generation Z and the future of business”

  1. 1851 Magazine says:

    This was a great article, anyone who hasn’t realized that the landscape of marketing is quickly changing is simply being naive. The social revolution has not only changed the way brands engage users, but also the way users interact with brands. This article definitely hits the nail on the head and addresses these issues!

  2. Jonny says:

    Really great article. I believe that the technology we grow up with is the only thing we truly understand. As we get older, we have to keep researching and developing strategies to connect with Generation Y, which is how you can tell the class of a digital marketer such as Jodell!

  3. Great post from an expert and it will be a great knowledge to us and thank you very much for sharing this valuable information with us.

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