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User Experience is Not Just Design, It’s the Key to Innovation and Growth

It’s not every day you have Jesse James Garrett stop by to talk about the state of user experience (UX) and its role in the future of business. But, we were fortunate to have him visit the set of Revolution to talk about the importance of people and experiences and how UX deserves the attention of the c-suite.

The author of The Elements of User Experience and Co-Founder of Adaptive Path, Garrett has literally written the book on user experience. When we think of UX though, we often think of web, software and product product development. UX however, also represents the keys to relevance and innovation. In our discussion, Garret shares how research, psychology, behavior and design can open the doors to meaningful creativity for design and product experience strategies. But more importantly, he shares how executives across the organization can learn from the UX team to improve services, business models, and overall customer relationships.

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23 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “User Experience is Not Just Design, It’s the Key to Innovation and Growth”

  1. This is one of the best videos on business strategy I have seen. Already watched it four times. The “developing business models around people and their experience, not bottom-line numbers or objects to target” and “incorporating UX into the foundation level of the business model to create a ‘middle-out’, instead of ‘trickle-up/down’, approach are really profound game-changers. Thanks!

  2. Bob Christianson says:

    Great interview that speaks to the realities of interactions in this ever changing world of social media. People are starving for meaningful interaction at every level in the lives! The brands that learn that true engagement goes beyond the simple delivery of a message/product and the corresponding views and likes, to the delivery of quality content that is inspiring and beautiful and even to the potential “co-creation” of products and services, will dominate the future. The engagement contemplated will go a long way to offset the hostility and aggression currently focused on business by the youth of the world! It will reshape how business is done in the future!

  3. ozio media says:

    User experience is going to be the next big topic of interest in the internet
    marketing conversation. With the variety of devices that now access the web,
    creating a consistently excellent user experience across all of those platforms
    will become an essential part of corporate internet presence. It seems to
    follow that those same customers that expect an excellent user experience online
    are also going to expect it offline as well. This is changing the nature of
    business generally in a much broader way.

  4. B says:

    Isn’t JJ Jarret the Nick Cave of UX?

  5. Lisa Grimm says:

    Killer video Brian. I have the utmost appreciation to you for producing content that
    drives this conversation forward because for those of us in the trenches, this is hard work. Rewarding, but highly challenging:) Collective
    brigades of MBAs who think they know better, strange looks and endless amounts of talking out of both sides of their mouths, the reality is that the rate at which decision makers are understanding this is astonishingly slow. Because of industrial revolution hard wiring, there is genuine lack of knowledge, and quite frankly desire to understand, what matters to people and what motivates them as a means to grow business. This sums it up well: “decision makers today see social, mobile,
    web the world that sees the world through a lense that has nothing to do with
    the human being, it has everything to do with the transaction and the outcome.” The interesting thing with all of this and where I struggle is that most “UX” people I interface with have a liner view (digital wheelhouse and don’t necessarily get social as well – don’t have a holistic approach . Few do at this time. In essence, all disciplines are really getting shape-shifted. Most days I have no idea what the hell to call myself. I just say, “I like architecting experiences rooted in a purpose that matter to people.” 🙂 I really loved this. Thank you again for doing what you do!

  6. I’ve interacted with JJG way back in the day when I used to have elementary questions and needed much direction. This man has helped me in so many ways, I’m forever thankful for his being.
    Great vid Jesse.

  7. Brandignity says:

    This is amazing. I talk to so many different people that are venturing into the web space for marketing and have completely missed the ball when it comes to user experience on their existing website. Never mind the design elements for a second but the user experience has to be 100% or you are just going to visitors landing and moving.

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