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Why Brands are Becoming Publishers [video]

Is content still king?

According to Deanna Brown, CEO, Federated Media Publishing, “Content, in the right context, is ultimately king.”

Welcome to the evolution of publishing, where storytelling, advertising, and technology intersect. By having unhindered access to social and mobile media platforms, brands are experimenting with paid, owned, and earned media to reach connected consumers in their channels of relevance. As brands dabble in publishing, traditional marketing and advertising networks are also evolving.

Federated Media is no stranger to the game. And, on this episode of Revolution, Deanna Brown explores the state and future of brand publishing, content marketing and monetization models, and most importantly, what it takes to engage with connected consumers. As Deanna so rightly observes, this is no longer about eyeballs and impressions, but instead about premium offerings and meaningful engagement. For brands to find success in new media, she believes that brands must look beyond traditional marketing and tell great stories without pushing messages. If businesses can be transparent, be authentic—in the right context—the brand and the brand story can be conversational and influential.

To learn more about how the company continues to innovate in the field of conversational marketing, check out this blog post.

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17 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Why Brands are Becoming Publishers [video]”

  1. Melody Overton says:

    I’d love to see a case study with some of these ideas! Thank you for the interesting interview. I particularly liked the conversation about aligning channels – there are so many social media outposts now, and it could easily be mixed messages from them.

  2. Excellent interview & post! Great work, Brian, and great insights from Deanna.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Brands have to become publishers. Look at online shops where products no more only represente on images but more and more product videos are added to give the cusomer a more realistic touch.

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