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I am certainly no stranger to the conference circuit. Over the years, I’ve helped many friends organize conferences, advised organizers on programming and positioning, and presented at or attended scores of others. It is at these conferences where I am fortunate to meet and support many friends and new friends alike while also learning from the wisdom of my peers. Nothing will change…I’m passionate about all of the above. But, I do have some news to share with you…

As of today, I am joining The Pivot Conference in New York as host and editorial director.

In 2010, Chris Shipley invited me to present along with good friend Jeanette Gibson of Cisco. Together we shared our experience over the years leading the organizational transformation of Cisco to more effectively lead social media efforts from the top-down and bring order to the social chaos that was widespread throughout the global organization. The inaugural event was held Oct. 17-19 at the Crowne Plaza in NYC, and had 700 attendees from the marketing and advertising industry’s leaders.

Due to Chris’s obligations at the Guidewire Group, a global market intelligence firm focused on technology entrepreneurship, conference founder William Lohse invited me to take the helm for 2011 and beyond. Chris is one of my idols and to have an opportunity to follow in her footsteps indeed is an honor.

Without further ado, allow me to introduce you to The Pivot Conference. The two-day event held on October 17-18, 2011 is a new kind of marketing conference singularly focused on helping brand marketers and their agencies connect with the Social Consumer.

Amidst the array of amazing conferences around the world that I will attend and support, how does Pivot complement the cast? I suppose it starts with a difference in focus, intentions, and outcomes. First, it’s not designed to compete with any conference. We have a focus and it just so happens to be the focus of my research and writing as well.

The Pivot Conference is singularly focused on helping brand managers, executives, creative teams, and agencies bridge the gap between brands and the emerging market of Social Consumers. This is a hybrid event that teaches us through immersion how to captivate attention where and when it’s focused and how to steer experiences and actions.

The two-day conference will engage the heart and the mind of attendees through a structured approach to understanding strategies and tactics in the effective allure and engagement of social consumers. Part inspiration and part education, together we’ll walk away with ideas and programs we can put to work immediately and throughout 2012.

This conference is not just about following the examples of others, but rather finding the inspiration to blaze a new trail for everyone to follow

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About The Pivot Conference

Pivot is a conference for brand marketers seeking to deconstruct the attitudes, motives, and methods of Social Consumers, the emerging dominant force in branding and buying. As a result, brand marketers will gain essential confidence in their power to inhabit this unique culture, conventions, and conversations.

There are many conferences that present marketers with case studies, best practices and panels on social media. And while learning from these experiences is important, Pivot is different,” explained Solis. “This conference is not just about following the examples of others, but rather finding the inspiration to blaze a new trail for everyone to follow. And that makes Pivot better.”

Pivot was formed to help brand marketers and their agencies bridge the gap between the buying and influencing behavior of Social Consumers, and the way media is being bought and offered. In social media, the brand no longer represents just a series of impressions, but in addition becomes an integral part of a customer’s own self-expression.

Advisors and speakers to be announced over the next several months.

11 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “At the Pivot of Business, Marketing and Media”

  1. Wow..this seems like it going to be an big event to kick off the 2011 year..thanks for sharing Brain..

    BTW Brain..Can you can contact me on my contact page..Its very important..I need your help.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  2. Ken Yeung says:

    Congratulations, Brian. I’m sure that it’ll be a rousing success…wish I could be over there (NYC is pretty much another country for me). 🙂 Oh, and with BlogWorld prior to your conference, it will definitely be a pretty awesome month! w00t!

    • Dave Doolin says:

      I suspect this will be very successful indeed. I’m signed up for the notice, even if I don’t go, I’m still extremely interested in watching from afar. Also very curious about overlapping material with BlogWorld. There’s bound to be some.

  3. Interesting Brian. I’d like to ask you a few more questions about it, if you have the time soon. I’m hoping you’re going the direction I suspect you’re going it, but I’m wondering about one aspect of it. Can I ping you?

    • briansolis says:

      You can always ping me…the conference is designed for brand and enterprise level managers, marketers, executives and their agencies. Would love to hear any ideas or questions you have.

    • I know it’s going to be awesome because of the quality standard you hold yourself to. But yes, I will email or call (don’t remember if I have you in my phone anymore – I’ll have to check – I am lame about my contacts b/c I almost never use the phone if I don’t have to! :))
      I’m really excited that you’re doing this Brian. I think it’s going to rock – and it’s needed.

  4. It was a pleasure being a speaker and part of Pivot last year and I’m looking forward to future Pivot events with you at the helm, Brian. Cheers!

  5. Homer Keller says:

    The inaugural event was held Oct. 17-19 at the Crowne Plaza in NYC, and
    had 700 attendees from the marketing and advertising industry’s

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