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The Greatest Hits of 2009 Part VI

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As we continue our journey through some of the news, events, and observations that moved us in 2009, we still have much to learn as we prepare for the new opportunities that await us in 2010.

The Greatest Hits of 2009 Part VI

1. Gary Vaynerchuk and Brian Solis Discuss Putting the Public Back in Public Relations

2. Who Owns Social Media?

3. Size Matters: Job Seekers Measure the Size of Your Social Graph

4. Goodbye Virtual Reality, Hello Augmented Reality

5. Does Social Networking Impair Learning?

6. No Tweets for You! NFL Bans Tweets Before, During, and After Games

7. The Gift of Compassion and Inspiration

8. The Dichotomy Between Social Networks and Education

9. Using Twitter to Connect PR Students, Educators, and Professionals

10. Twittersource: The Wisdom of the Crowds?

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  1. As a fairly recent reader here I appreciate your “best” list. “Who Owns Social media” gets my number one vote…looking forward to reading more in 2010.

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