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RT @Twitter: New Retweet Feature Goes Live

Source: Twitter

This is breaking news at the moment, therefore this post will update as new information trickles in.

Twitter is making good on its recent promise to introduce new features to bring users back to

Similar to the way that it rolled out Lists, Twitter is incrementally releasing its new Retweet feature initially previewed in August 2009.

As described by @Biz, co-founder of Twitter:

Retweet is a button that makes forwarding a particularly interesting tweet to all your followers very easy. In turn, we hope interesting, newsworthy, or even just plain funny information will spread quickly through the network making its way efficiently to the people who want or need to know.

The plan is to see how it goes first with this small release. If it needs more work, then we’ll know right away. If things look good, we’ll proceed with releasing the feature in stages eventually arriving at 100%.

The new retweet feature is particularly interesting as it organizes your experience directly at much in the same way third-party clients such as Tweetdeck and Seesmic have offered all along. Unlike these desktop applications however, remains as the pervasive interface for engaging on Twitter. For example, your lists, real-time search results, DMs, Twitter stream, and now retweets are key pillars to the personal experience at For most users, the new retweet functionality, combined with important, cached searches (including your username), the need to stray from Twitter’s online hub begins to dissipate. And, the timing couldn’t be better…

Here’s a screenshot published on Mashable (Thank you Tonya Becker-Haddadeen):

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10 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “RT @Twitter: New Retweet Feature Goes Live”

  1. While there has been a surprising amount of controversy and misplaced concern over lists, I believe that lists are a great feature in the long run. The addition of a retweet button only a few days later is exciting to see. I know you have met with the folks at Twitter. So, what do you think their next new features will be?

  2. Nick Shin says:

    Mashable featured my blog with my screenshots. Check it out.

  3. Interesting data/demographics

  4. SocialBlogr says:

    It would be nice feature.. Because I prefer using Seesmic or Hootsuite than Twitter itself. 😛

  5. SocialBlogr says:

    It would be nice feature.. Because I prefer using Seesmic or Hootsuite than Twitter itself. 😛

  6. tomthomassian says:

    I am running for the US Senate in NYS I need volunteers to tweet for me read my website

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