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A New Alternative to Twitter Search: Identifying Tweets, Trends and People Related to Your Keywords

Twazzup, a new search for Twitter, debuted recently and it just may replace you’re activity on for the time being (thanks Louis Gray).

As Twitter vies for its place as your online attention dashboard, keyword search and the ability to link those discussions to real people becomes the key to relevant engagement and intelligence.

Timelines serve as our centralized activity hub and determine what we read, what we say, and who we respond to simply by the information that continually flows through it. We’re engaged at the point and place of introduction and bound by context and time. Noticeable content sparks curiosity and dictates our next move and subsequently the ensuing activity and reactions of friends and friends of friends (FoFs).

Twitter search, as well as the ability to search Facebook and FriendFeed updates in real time, threaten the viability of traditional search as it exists today. The ability to tap into material dialogue, as it’s happening, connects us contextually to those who share an affinity or passion for similar interests and topics. The results provide an immediate and seasoned entree into conversations that potentially represent an opportunity to earn a response and potentially a new friend or follower. This is the foundation for trust, credibility, and how we shape our reputation and package our online persona to convey what we stand for.

Unlike, Twazzup displays top keywords related to your original search criteria as well as the individuals behind the associated tweets – this is in addition to the current, unrelated trending topics displayed at all times.

Twazzup also displays the most popular tweets tied to your search terms, including the top trendmakers and outbound links affiliated with each keyword.

Overall, Twazzup is far more useful than basic Twitter or TweetDeck search for market analysts, brand and customer relationship managers, sales, IR, and communications and community professionals responsible for listening, observing, responding, and learning. However, in order to be a complete replacement, it needs to include deeper functionality found currently in Advanced Twitter Search.

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8 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “A New Alternative to Twitter Search: Identifying Tweets, Trends and People Related to Your Keywords”

  1. markfrisk says:

    Twazzup looks awesome. Very smartly done. But the name! Not sure about that at all.

  2. Brian Solis says:

    Thanks Mark. Agree on the name…

  3. Bruno Ancona Lopes says:

    Thanks for sharing this Brian – we`ll definitely have to get used to the name… the engine and features are awesome! =)

  4. Cyril Moutran (@mocy) says:

    Thanks Brian for the detailed review!

    I captured the “advanced search” feature request on our uservoice feedback forum, and will get to it very soon.


  5. Brian Solis says:

    Thanks Cyril! I think it’s a must 🙂 – the sentence says it all, “in order to replace…”

    Also, the ability to focus the search on “your followers” is a HUGE need.

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