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Dell Deals with Twitter

In March 2008, Gary Vaynerchuck experimented with @santagaryvee on Twitter where he would announce special Wine Library deals and opportunities exclusively for his loyal followers on the popular micro community. While he slowly phased that activity back into his main Twitter streams, many companies were introduced to a new way to engage and harness enthusiasm among those potentially interested in something new and special.

Having contributed to the standard of listening and responding to users and pundits on Twitter, Dell is no stranger to the power, value, insight, relationships, and education that result from meaningful and genuine participation.

Today, Dell introduced exclusive deals for Twitter followers today through its @DellOutet account. By following @DellOutlet, you’re opting in to receive promotional updates. It’s advertising directly in your stream and Twitter isn’t necessarily seeing a dime of it. However, Dell is also setting the standard for how to create excitement around deals and promotions without overwhelming followers or reducing them to mere eyeballs. As Dell does so well across the board, they’re engaging real people in real dialog through micro, two-way interaction.

Stefanie Nelson who heads up the Twitter efforts for Del Outlet explains:

Hey RichardAtDell, LionelAtDell and the rest of the Dell team, see you at SXSW!

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6 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Dell Deals with Twitter”

  1. RichardatDELL says:

    Hi Brian, we do look forward to seeing you at SXSW.

    Thanks for the call out for our listening, learning, and engaging on the web.

  2. JFish says:


    Was wondering what you thought was on the part about Twitter not seeing a dime. Is this something that you could see Twitter eventually trying to get some revenue from? You would figure there would have to be something in it for Twitter eventually right?

    BTW, I did my undergraduate work at the University of Texas. SXSW is the best conference/festival hands down. There isn’t even an argument as far as I’m concerned.

    Have a great time.

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