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TechReport: The 15 Must-Follow Tech Visionaries

TechReport just named Brian Solis as one of the 15 ‘must-follow’ tech visionaries.

Social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter / X have become more than just places to stay in touch with your network. They’re now powerful marketing tools, with many companies leveraging their capabilities and spending billions of dollars on them.

Given this, influencers can have an enormous impact on their communities. In the tech sector, particularly in the B2B space, influencers include founders, futurists, and CTOs with real industry expertise. Rather than promote the products of a specific brand, though, they drive conversations and change.

Many such leaders share original content related to their area of interest and are considered visionaries. In this guide, we’ve put together a list of 15 must-follow tech visionaries on social media platforms like X and LinkedIn. They’re experts in their fields, ranging from AI to ethics to digital transformation. Let’s find out why you should be following them.

Must-Follow Tech Visionaries

X follower/subscriber count: 270,400

LinkedIn follower count: 348,148

YouTube subscriber count: 6,440

Instagram follower count: 64,700

Threads follower count: 4,452

Facebook follower count: 59,000 (His personal Facebook account has 100k followers!)

The head of Global Innovation at ServiceNow, Brian Solis, is one of the top voices in digital transformation today. He’s a popular thought leader and keynote speaker on subjects like the future of business and technology and experience design.

Solis’ key topic of interest is the impact of digital transformation on our society and on creativity. In his book “Lifescale,” he explores how we can take control of our lives in a world where digital distractions are all around us.

As a keynote speaker, he travels the world and helps companies embrace changes brought about by digital transformation and to take charge of the future. A lot of Solis’ social media content is about innovation – but he also places a large emphasis on reflection.

Whether it’s musings about the possible impact of AI, a story about the importance of human design, or inspirational quotes, Solis’ LinkedIn and X feeds are all about embracing life experiences and reflecting on them.

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