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TweetSuite Links Conversations Between Blogs and Twitter

I’ve been observing Dan Zarrella‘s work from a distance for some time and this is the first post dedicated to his work. However, he is someone whom I also hope to collaborate with in the near-term.

Zarrella recently announced TweetSuite, a plugin for WordPress that integrates tweetback functionality into blogs. Much in the same way that trackbacks or linkbacks showcase inbound blogs linking to respective posts, tweetbacks monitor and display individual tweets that also feature links to specific blog content.

TweetSuite also offers the ability for people to directly tweet the post from your blog as well as retweet (RT) the specific tweets listed in the tweetback directory.

The suite provides several widget options to showcase most-tweeted posts, recently-tweeted, and the most favorited tweets.

It’s the seamless fusion between the blogosphere and twitterville, tying conversations across two of the most prominent properties defining the Social Web.

Zarrella’s work is poignant as it is timely. The conversation continues to migrate and evolve beyond the blogosphere and Twitter is the catalyst for the organic and rapidly multiplying interaction within micro communities. Facebook, FriendFeed, among others are also fueling the proliferation of distributed conversations and tools such as TweetSuite centralize dispersed dialog into one central location for context and perspective.

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