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Apple’s New Wireless Keyboard is a Work of Art

The Movado Museum earned its name for a reason. The original Movado watch was a fusion of beauty, modern design and technology. In 1960, it earned a place in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Apple, a company long associated with ground-breaking designs, has outdone itself with the introduction of its new wireless bluetooth keyboard.

Yes it’s a keyboard, so writing a review of it based on that functionality would be boring. I’m simply taking a moment to recognize the incredible beauty and style that will define a new generation of computer peripherals.

The real thing, I actually used it to type this post

Similar to the way the iPhone changed the game for the entire mobile industry, this new keyboard will inspire new designs across the Mac and PC landscapes.

Borrowed from the new iMac wired keyboards, it also incorporates the new low profile keys from the Macbook lines.

It’s razor thin, tiny, portable, and a complement to any desktop.

After owning it for less than 24 hours, I find myself looking for reasons to type.

$79 at and at your local Apple store.

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  1. Drizefuerne says:

    My cousin has an iphone and shes with AT&T they are charging her extra for texting people in Canada.
    Is there a way for her to get free texting to Canada?

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