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PR Online Convergence in Los Angeles

This Thursday, I’m joining Mr. Phil Gomes for a session on Social Media and how to raise public awareness using social networks at the PR Online Convergence conference in Los Angeles.

I’ll be joining other PR and Web marketing leaders including, Eric Schwartzman, Jamie O’Donnell, KD Paine, Linda Zimmer, Sally Falkow, Mike Manuel, and none other than Jason Calacanis.

This should be an interesting discussion because, as you know, I believe many PR people aren’t ready to jump into the social category of marketing. However, it is the primary reason why I’m flying to L.A. to speak on this topic. I’m trying to help those who want to learn, understand where to start, without insulting the people they’re hoping to reach or jeopardizing the brands they may represent.

If you have any suggestions on points you or other people within the PR industry (either agency or corporate) would like me to cover, please leave a comment here.

For the agenda, click here.

You can register for the event here.

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  1. John Doe from XX Agency says:

    I’d like to hear how to participate…especially if you do so from a personal side, but not necessarily professional.

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