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Live from DEMOfall – 9/26/06

Live from DEMOfall 9/26/06
Photo Credit: Greg Narain of Social Roots

Welcome and opening remarks by Chris Shipley, Executive Produce, DEMO Conferences

Live from DEMOfall 2006 9/26/06

It’s time for a Ballroom Blitz as the music blared and the lights dimmed. In a dramatic fashion, images from previous events cycled through on the two gigantic screens on either side of the stage, leading up to Chris Shipley’s arrival.

Her presence, as always is nothing less than impressive.
Live from DEMOfall 2006 9/26/06

Her opening remarks were focused and poignant, claiming that this DEMO would be controversial and would introduce new technologies for the home, the mobile professional and the enterprise.

The stage presentations, she said, would offer a map from today to the future.

In an interesting, but relevant, detour, she questioned whether or not we are in another bubble. A topic, more than well covered here.

“If we are referring to a bubble weighed by the inflation of economic values, the numbers don’t support it,” said Shipley. She continued, “Current investments are only about 1/3 of what they where in the 90s.”

She then hit on a salient point, “Entrepreneurs, these days, are doing more with less. Instead of seeking investments, they’re supporting and building the technology, infrastructure and sales and in turn are rationalizing valuations.”

Shipley likened Silicon Valley to an echo chamber that stirs excitement and generates tremendous noise, which could distract companies and send them off track if they don’t focus. In a jab to the frenzy many startups create pursuing coverage on certain high-traffic blogs, she stated, “they can make so much noise in a small community, but have such little impact in the long term.”

Technology, in a positive assessment, is being driven by the “user-in” rather than “engineering out.” These products as she said, “can stand on the shoulders of giants and are the foundation for the next generation of products and business. These 67 companies can stand on their own.”

Life Just Got Simpler

Chris Shipley, “Just six months ago, I told those assembled at DEMO 2006 that hardware and software products just had to get easier to use. Otherwise, the market would face a backlash from individuals and businesses who were tires of wrestling with technology in order to make it work. It appears the message was received.”

Live from DEMOfall 2006 9/26/06
Dash, the event’s first presenter

Dash Navigation, Inc., , Mountain View, CA
Unveiled the first two-way portable navigation systems for your car. Offers a GPS/information for always connected access to information on the internet.

Tribeca Labs, Inc., , New York, NY
Introduced Photobot, the first zero-click, fully automatic photo-correction and photo-finishing software program. It is always on, automatically applying state-of-the-art image-enhancement technologies to improve every picture on the hard drive.

Pluggd, Inc., , Seattle, WA
Pluggd’s HearHere allows people to jump to the exact position in audio or video, such as podcasts and video casts, where there is something they want to hear. This way you don’t have to wait five minutes of an NPR podcast before you reach the topic you care about.

Presto, , Mountain View, CA
The Presto services help friends and families stay connected by making it digital content without a computer or internet connection. The digital delivery service and HP printing mailbox allows people without computers to receive printed emails and digital photos.

RingCube, Inc., , Mountain View, CA
MojoPac allows you to turn any computer into your personal computer, regardless of what applications are installed on that PC. Consumers can carry the contents of an entire PC on any portable storage device and connect to any PC worldwide to access and work with the contents.

Enterprise Computing Gets WebDotOh-ed

CS, “Ease of use has come to business applications, as well. In fact, the design of enterprise software is being dramatically affected by the advances in consumer-facing technology. These enterprise applications deliver strong business value, while remaining approachable to business users and manageable by IT personnel.”

Live from DEMOfall 2006 9/26/06
System One

System One, , Innsbruck, Austria
System One is a platform that merges enterprise collaboration and search behind a radically simple interface. It taps the large and growing savings available to organizations in their daily information workflow and lets knowledge workers come home to their kids earlier.

ThinkFree, Inc., , San Jose, CA
ThinkFree AJAX Edition is a fast light-weight tool that enables users to maintain the best round-trip compatibility available with Microsoft Office. You can create documents based on templates, do track changes, and manage, view and roll back changes from previous versions., Inc., , San Mateo, CA
Genius Interactive Edition is the only on-demand solution that allows sales representatives to initiate live chat sessions and deliver personalized offers to their customers through corporate websites without It involvement.

Koral, Inc., , San Mateo, CA
Koral is an enterprise content management (ECM) solution for the business Web. It’s an alternate solution designed for end users overwhelmed with content in email, folders or corporate LANS, who need a better way to share content with a sales force, partners, customers or collaborators.

MindTouch, Inc., , San Diego, CA
MindTouch developed the Wiki Smart Appliance: the first on-premise, plug-and-play, maintenance-free wiki appliance designed for businesses. It’s sold as a turn-key server solution or downloadable virtual machine.

Serebrum Corp., , Iselin, NJ
Axon’s topic-based approach erases the limits of the document-centric approach to model information flow based on the human brain’s neurological processes. Axon separates the content creation and publishing activities into a flexible framework so that information is updated in real-time across multiple channels on demand.

BuzzLogic, Inc., , San Francisco, CA
BuzzLogic identifies the key influencers shaping and driving issues and conversations online, and enables marketing and communications practitioners to monitor, map, measure and engage with social media.

The Mobile World According to QUALCOMM

CS, “Dr. Paul Jacobs has guided QUALCOMM through tremendous growth and rapid change in the mobile voice and data marketplace. His vision has helped bring about next-generation, high-bandwidth mobile services. As DEMOfall convenes in the backyard of this mobile technology leader, we’ve invited Jacobs to set the stage for today’s discussion of mobile software and services, and to share his perspective 0on this dynamic and ever-changes mobile marketplace.”

Now You See It…Now You Don’t
Where do you turn when you need your electronic communications to be truly private?

Void Communications, LLC, , New York, NY
VaporStream is a recordless, electronic communications system that ensures privacy and confidentiality and promotes open discussions, since messages cannot be forwarded, edited, printed or saved. Compatible with mobile devices and existing email addresses, it separates the message header from the body, leaving no record on any computer or server.

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mobile World

CS, “The original DEMOfall conference in 1999 focused exclusively on the then-rapidly developing mobile technology sector. Today, mobile and wireless technologies are simply a part of most all other product categories and the mobile phone is the powerful computer that nearly everyone carries no matter where they go. This afternoon we’ll focus our attention on the ubiquitous device and the many compelling applications that are vying for consumer attention.”

The Phone as Information Gatherer

Realeyes3D S.A., , Saint Cloud Cedex, France
Qipit is a consumer online service that allows users to capture written and printed information with a camera phone, store and manage it for future use, and share it with friends, colleagues or business associates.

PixSense, Inc., , Santa Clara, CA
With PixSense, every digital media clip you take with your mobile is automatically uploaded online and can be shared, blogged, pushed to third-party sites and archived, directly from your existing camera phone, over existing mobile networks.

scanR, , Palo Alto, CA
scanR enables camera phones and digital cameras to sca, copy and fax. You can turn paper into useful digital information. The scanR service cleans photos of whiteboards, documents, and business cards. It then extracts the printed info and delivers a digital file to your email or fax.

4INFO, Inc., , Palo Alto, CA
Enables content providers and individuals to rapidly make their information keyword-searchable from any mobile phone. Services created using these tools can deliver instant search results and text alerts by accessing any existing data feed.

Live from DEMOfall 9/26/06

Live from DEMOfall 9/26/06

The Phone as Entertainment Center

Eyespot Corp., , Solana Beach, CA
Eyespot Mobile Share works with or partners’ sites utilizing the Eyespot Platform. The application allows users to easily record, send, receive, publish, search and rank video directly on their phones.

Fonpods, Inc., Hermosa Beach, CA
Makes listening to your favorite podcasts a breeze. Fonpods eliminates the wait time associated with downloading by streaming podcasts to any phone, simply by dialing into your Fonpods account.

PhotoCrank, Inc., , Wayne, PA
PhotoCrank’s technology allows mobile subscribers to personalize the photos they take by adding entertaining captions and graphics on the fly! Subscribers have access to a number of photo-enhancement tools via simple text-messaging interactions.

SportStat, LLC., , Orion , MI
SCORE provides users with the ability to send real-time, play-by-play video of a specific player directly to the USCORE Website and directly to users’ mobile phones as a wireless application.

Live from DEMOfall 9/26/06

The Phone as Message Center

3jam, Inc., , Menlo Park, CA
3jam lets you send a text message to any number of friends at once, have everyone know who got the message and have replies go to everyone. The result is increased text-messaging volume and, therefore, revenue for carriers.

MobileSphere, Ltd., , Boston, MA
The service lets users send and receive messages to individuals and groups, while enabling recipients to respond directly to the originating PC, a mobile phone and group members’ mobile phones. Joopz also features text reminders, scheduled message delivery and message forwarding.

Pinger, Inc., , San Jose, CA
Pinger is instant voice messaging for your mobile phone. You can send voice messages to someone instantly, with no ringing, no greetings and no lengthy prompts.

Flurry, Inc., , San Francisco, CA
Flurry is the premier mobile email and news application for consumer handsets. You can use it on small form-factor devices, allowing consumers to get the information they want on the cell phones that they already have.

FutureScan: The Future of Mobile

CS, “Mobile technology has infused our daily lives, and it is fundamentally changing the way we interact with information – and with one another. John Patrick invites leading entrepreneurs and researchers to explore the technical challenges that stand in the way of a truly mobile future. What will new devices look like, and how will we interact with them? Will small screens and tiny keypads be replaced by new interface technologies? When, if ever, will mobile phones pass desktop computers as our primary interact to information and services?”

John Patrick, President, Attitude LLC

Tom Jacobs, Director of Research, Sun Microsystems Laboratories, & Project Lead, Open Media Commons, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Juergen Urbanski, General Manager, FON North America
Joseph Ziskin, Vice President, Corporate Strategy, IBM Corp.

Foundations of the Mobile Future

CS, “If our panel’s future vision is to be realized, new applications will be built on the work of those who today are creating platforms that enable new innovation. From environments for mobile entertainment to power to fuel the future, these next demonstrators are laying the foundation.”

Tao Group, Ltd., , Earley, Reading, Berkshire, U.K.
This suite of tightly integrated content-execution technologies for mobile entertainment includes the miniMIXA suite, comprising music-and media-mixing software applications; the GamePlayer, which enables the platform-independent delivery of C, C++ and Java-based games to mobile devices; the JavaPlayer, a high-performance Java Virtual Machine; and the Entertainment Platform SDK.

Cascada Mobile Corp., , Toronto, ON, Canada
The TAG solution facilitates the viral recommendation of mobile applications, content and branded marketing initiatives across wireless carriers, handsets and geographic borders.

Lirix, Inc., Evanston, IL
Introduced a third way for consumers to download music—the tried-and-true value proposition of receiving free content in exchange for exposure to advertising.

Moixa Energy Holdings, Ltd., , London, U.K.
Aims to reduce energy consumption and change how people use, or misuse, energy. People fill their houses, offices and laptop bags with cables, chargers, and adapters to convert AC down to lower voltages for phones, MP3 players, gadgets and lighting.

Mvox Technologies, Inc., , Cupertino, CA
The world’s first wearable smart communicator with one-touch voice dialing. It’s a hands-free car kit, Bluetooth headset, mobile conference phone and VoIP headset—all in one small wearable device.

Live from DEMOfall 9/26/06

While We’re on the Topic of Wireless

CS, “Wireless infrastructure isn’t just for mobile communications. Two very different applications are innovation unleashed at home and in business.”

Violet, , Paris, France
C reator of Nabaztag, the first “wireless rabbit.” Through this first iconic object, they are exploring the “Internet of things,” or life after the PC-centric world.

W5 Networks, Inc., , Fremont, CA
Developed an electronic shelf label (ESL) system that replaces paper labels, reducing labor costs and improving retail price accuracy. It can update and display prices and promotions chain-wide within minutes through a unique, long-range, low-power wireless network.

ZING Systems, Inc. & Sirius Satellite Radio, Inc., , Mountain View, CA
Zing’s software and services are enabling a new generation of always-connected mobile music and entertainment solutions in partnership with leading brands. SIRIUS Stiletto 100 is the first commercially available product based on ZING.

DEMOfall also provides a pavilion, which in a sense is a mini tradeshow for attendees to meet the presenting companies for a more intimate opportunity to learn more about the product/technology.


67 companies…and a whole lot of people.

Live from DEMOfall 9/26/06

However, in my discussions with several bloggers and reporters, this is where they get the real story.

Live from DEMOfall 2006 9/26/06

For more pictures jump to flickr.

For live video casts, visit Vic Podcaster’s HotfromSiliconValley.

Also Greg Narain is down here blogging live from row 2!

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