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Travelers Take Flight to World Wikia – a Free, Editable Travel Directory

Gil Penchina of Wikia just gave me a heads up on their latest announcement.

Travellers and contributors to its recently launched World Wikia project have already compiled over 1,000 original articles in less than one month.

For those unfamiliar with the launch, World Wikia is a free, fully editable worldwide guide of places to go and things to do.

The home page for World Wikia greats visitors, “Welcome to World Wikia a free travel directory that you can edit.” It continues, “Add information, create new pages, and share experiences about the city where you live or the countries where you’ve travelled.”

Enthusiastic travellers have created Travel Guides for more than 50 separate locations, including Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Singapore and Portland, Oregon, among many others.

The site now includes approximately 100 local-authored City Wikis. The City Wikis help visitors and other residents by providing common and lesser-known facts about that isn’t necessarily available on travel and city-focused communities. To date, City Wikis have been created for Keene, New Hampshire, Ottawa, Ontario, South Korea, Chicago, Illinois and many more locations.

With Wikia, groups can share information, news, stories, media and opinions that fall outside the scope of an encyclopedia. Jimmy Wales and Angela Beesley launched Wikia in 2004 to provide community-based wikis inspired by the model of Wikipedia — the free, open source encyclopedia founded by Jimmy Wales.

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