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Rocketboom 2.0 Blasts Off

After much anticipation (or shall we say fanfare), Rocketboom 2.0 launched today with its new “interim” host, Joanne Colan. You may know Joanne as a former VJ for MTV Europe. To most of us however, she is an attractive woman with an English accent. I was unfamiliar with her work, so I approached today’s vlog with an open mind.

After the surprise announcement of the Andrew/Amanda split, bloggers and reporters feverishly tapped sources to uncover the new replacement. Rachel Sklar of the Huffington Report ran a story last Friday announcing that Andrew had hired Joanne, although he declined to confirm. Although, Joanne herself confirmed it on her site on Monday.

You’ve found me.
Monday, July 10. 2006
Hello Everyone. Yes this is my new site and yes…I will have my 1st blog entry up for your viewing pleasures later on today. Thank you for coming and please come back later today.

– Joanne C., Host of

Although Rocketboom missed the new launch date of 7/10, then teased us with a 5-second clip on 7/11, we were greeted by Joanne this morning on the new Rocketboom 2.0.

Her debut was clever, starting with a series of tomatoes flying at her as a nod to the ethical difficulties associated with replacing someone as popular as Amanda Congdon. Once the fruit (tomatoes are technically fruit) barrage ended, Colan tipped her hat to Congdon and reminded everyone how to keep up-to-date with her at Unboomed.

Today’s edition offered a cute take on the blogger who somehow managed to trade a red paperclip through a series of interesting barters to wind up with a house. Colan took the crew to the streets to run her own experiment starting with a pirate patch and ultimately ending with a titanium necklace.

As of noon PST, there were over 100 comments on RB – mostly positive, supportive and enthusiastic. According to one viewer:

Random Dork:
The hair-twirling Andrew-on-the-floor-shot made me laugh harder than anything I’ve ever seen on this show- for whatever that’s worth. Seriously! Even if you get flamed by Congdonites- which seems inevitable- that little moment of self-mocking comedy was truly inspired… Good luck!

Amanda Congdon is a one-of-a-kind host and there are rumors swirling that she has already accepted an offer. We’ll stay tuned. In the meantime, Rocketboom 2.0 is back and should enjoy success with its new “interim” host. Good luck Joanne.

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