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The iMac of TV Entertainment

OK, well I know the headline is a bit misleading, but it’s the only thing I could think of when reviewing the new LT-2007 from OPPO Digital. It’s a gorgeous EDTV/DVD combo that features a 20-inch LCD screen with a built-in slot-loading DVD player.

It fuses style, modern design, and innovation. Encased in a slim, gorgeous, translucent case, this all-in-one work of art is perfect for bedrooms, dormitories, or even outdoor patios for a cozy movie night under the stars.

OPPO claims that this system is the perfect fix for television and movie watching in small or personal spaces, and I’d have to agree. In fact, during my review, I placed it in the conference room in my office. Everyone stopped to remark and ask where I picked it up, each commenting on how they have the perfect spot for one in their own home.

The LT-2007 features a high quality enhanced definition 20-inch flat-panel LCD TV with a slot-loading DVD player that is built directly into the base. An impressive array of available input and output connections, such as digital audio output, component video input and VGA, further expand its ability. The LT-2007 can be easily connected to a surround sound home theater system, a PC, a cable box, or a satellite receiver to deliver an even more thrilling entertainment experience. And for you gamers, it’s a killer, and almost portable, solution for a complete AV/gaming solution anywhere you go.

Now I should note here that it maxes at 800 x 600 resolution and it is not a widescreen, meaning that it is not an HD product. However, I don’t think that A/V enthusiasts are the target market for this baby. I see this really appealing to those who are image and space conscious, looking for an integrated and stylish solution.

According to the specs, the LT-2007 features one of the highest pixel resolutions for its size. It’s also rather versatile, with the ability to play DVD-Video, DivX® video, Audio CD, Kodak Picture CD and many other digital audio/video/picture formats, such as CD-R/CD-RW, DVD-R/DVD-RW, and DVD+R/DVD+RW.

It also sports a 181-channel NTSC tuner with automatic station searching and fine tuning. Additionally, digital 3D comb filters deliver stunning color reproduction and enhanced picture resolution and sharpness.

Included in the package is a USB card reader which allows you to insert all standard portable storage cards from your digital camera to convert the TV into a modern digital photo frame. This is a cool feature, as I cycled a series of images during a recent party and it drew several accolades from guests.

Additional features such as last channel recall, sleep timer, headphone jack and even an integrated, hidden cradle for the remote control make the LT-2007 an ideal addition to any room. It’s not for the AV purists, but it definitely appeals to the “rest of us” who sometimes need a specific solution for a specific need..

The LT-2007 is available today for $599.00.

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Sexy design
Small footprint
Sharp resolution

800×600 resolution, but then again, its serves its purpose without hitting HD resolutions
Sound is OK, definitely needs an external solution for a total experience
Input jacks require adapters (included)
Price is a bit steep, but it is gorgeous

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