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X Marks the Spot Where the Medium is the Message

X Marks the Spot Where the Medium is the Message

Several years ago, I embarked on a crazy journey to reinvent the book to make it a physical metaphor for the purpose of the book. I had no other choice. It was a book about designing meaningful and personal experiences in a digital economy. It would have been to ironic to tell you do do so in a traditional print format. It also would have been unimaginative to simply release an ebook or app. The point is that you can’t…

The Pitch is Dead – R.I.P.

Scroll below to read with a white background. We are gathered here to not mourn the death of “the pitch,” but to celebrate its life and how its misuse and oft irrelevance helped us improve the entire communications industry. R.I.P. Journalists and bloggers have had it and they’re fighting back. Quite honestly, it’s been a long time coming and we’re bound to see more blacklists and PR people called out for their mistakes. Hey, it happens to the best, and…

Stowe Boyd’s Advisory Capital is a Solid Investment

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to hang with Stowe Boyd to discuss Web2.0 and his ideas around Advisory Capital. After coffee at the nearby Starbucks, we cruised over to Notre Dame, where he presented these concepts to the SVASE organization. Advisory Capital, per the man himself, is basically the idea of investing intellectual property as a means to help companies expedite their idea from concept to BETA without the typical Angel or seed funding associated with development. According to…

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