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Uncertainty prompts tech efficiency

Uncertainty prompts tech efficiency

Gadget, the magazine of personal technology in South Africa, quoted Brian Solis as part of its coverage of Salesforce’s “State of Service” report. As inflation takes hold and rate hikes dominate headlines, customer service teams are focusing on technologies that promote productivity and efficiency. This is a key finding of the fifth edition of the State of Service report by Salesforce, a global leader in Customer Relations Management (CRM). The report shares insights from over 8,000 professionals across 36 counties…

2009: A Few of My Favorite Things

What follows is a repost of my contribution to Intel’s Inside Scoop blog. As an Intel Insider, I advise the company on new media as well as share my thoughts and views on tech… CES 2010 is the next stop for all gadget lovers and technologists. In many ways, the holidays and the slower pace that ensues serve as an excuse to recharge so that we may effectively travel the miles of booths featuring new electronics, tech, and consumer products….

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