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La Génération N, les nouveaux consommateurs post-confinement – L’ADN

La Génération N, les nouveaux consommateurs post-confinement – L’ADN

Source: L’ADN Il n’y a pas que les millennials et les Z dans la vie. La crise du Covid rebat les cartes et fait apparaître de nouvelles générations, plus complexes à cerner. Épisode inédit dans nos vies, le confinement a été un catalyseur de tendances. Contraints et forcés, nous sommes passés de l’open-space au télétravail en jogging-chaussettes. Côté conso, la fermeture des magasins physiques a évidemment reporté les achats sur le digital. Mais, d’après l’anthropologue digital Brian Solis, ces nouvelles contraintes de la…

The Age of Transparency in Digital Politics

The Age of Transparency in Digital Politics

Guest post by Minter Dial @mdial on social, transparency and politics using the recent French Presidential election between Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande as a case study The paths of social media and politics would seem to be inextricably linked. Politics has proven, in many countries, to be a great way to “democratize” social media, or the other way around. During the Arab Spring, social media helped inspire a change in regime. In the US, social media clearly contributed to…

The Conversation Prism: The Landscape for International Social Networking

As Web 2.0 and Social Media became globally pervasive, the landscape proved expansive, overwhelming, and bewildering. It required a social cartographer in order to visualize its grandeur. Thus, in August 2008, the original Conversation Prism was born with the help of Jesse Thomas of JESS3. The Conversation Prism continues to rapidly evolve as social networks emerge, merge, and vanish. In fact, Jesse Thomas and I are already hard at work mapping version 3.0. One thing that we cannot overlook is…

Conversation Prism: The Language of Human Connections is International

When Jesse Thomas of JESS3 and I started to lay the foundation for the Conversation Prism, we realized that it was a much larger task then simply categorizing social networks and placing them within a visually-rich graphic or chart. My goal was to observe, analyze, dissect, and present the dynamics of conversations, how and where they transpired. We immediately realized that V1 would be short-lived and the need for continual iteration in order to document the evolving conversation online would…

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