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Web Two Oh Chronicles – November Silicon Valley NewTech Meetup

The November Silicon Valley NewTech Meetup was held at the AOL campus in Mountain View this month with over 100 entrepreneurs, VCs, bloggers, programmers and executives in attendance. Kudos to Vincent Lauria for growing into a monthly must-attend meetup. This time around, we tried something a bit different – video instead of pictures! Alison McNeill was out there interviewing the presenters to help viewers get a better sense and perspective of each featured company. Fanpop – Founder Dave Lu Fanpop…

MJAA Professional Mixer: The Road from Employee to Founder

Alison McNeill Joanne Wan, Mixer Chair of the Monte Jade Science and Technology Association, informed us of an event we think you should know about. Next Tuesday, Nov 14, she will be moderating a great panel (e.g. Trinity Ventures, FanPop, and Mobile80) focused on the topic of transitioning from employee to founder of your own company. The evening will also include a networking mixer filled with aspiring and current entrepreneurs. Event Description Stories of young Silicon Valley millionaires are popping…

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