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e-Mobility and The Future of Transportation – #EnelFocusOn in Rome

e-Mobility and The Future of Transportation – #EnelFocusOn in Rome

The future of e-mobility (full presentation on demand) Our climate is changing. Some of the manmade causes that are accelerating these changes can be reduced or possibly reversed with notable, some not insignificant changes in our lifestyle. Obviously some are easier than others but nonetheless important. Without getting into the politics or the science of climate change, I do want to share an experience about one of the many areas of innovation aimed to curb it, eMobility. As Tesla Found Elon…

Happy 5th Birthday @Twitter: A look at Twitter’s growth by the numbers

Five years ago today, Twitter’s @Jack published the very first Tweet, the first of billions of Tweets that would eventually change the way millions of people share, learn, and communicate. While other news media (Twitter included) report that Jack’s first Tweet simply stated, “inviting coworkers” – the first tweet on record by @jack actually read, “just setting up my twttr.” That same Tweet was published by all employees at a time when Twitter was actually known as Twttr. In five…

Evan Williams on the Past, Present, and Future of Twitter

I recently attended the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco hosted by Tim O’Reilly,  John Battelle, and TechWeb. One of the highlights of the conference was a discussion between Twitter co-founder Evan Williams and FM Media’s John Battelle. It was a revealing and enlightening examination of the rise, state, and future of a social network that has been nothing short of transformative in its few short years of existence. What appeared pervasive with every question, answer, and observation is that…

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