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Customer Experience In The Age Of Digital Distraction

Customer Experience In The Age Of Digital Distraction

Tamara McCleary is a dear friend.  I was so happy when I joined her on SAP’s Tech Unknown podcast, a show that features “discussions from the edge of next.” Honestly, I didn’t know she was going to be the host. So, it was all the more special. Our conversation focused on what has become my next keynote topic/presentation, “Experience in the Age of Digital Distraction.” The impact of digital distraction on work and everything from CX to EX to experience…

Where the Streets Have Names: Learning from Bono’s Facebook Dilemma

Source What happens in the real world can usually end up on the Web for all to discover, share, and assess with or without your knowledge. According to The Mail, even Sir Bono, lead singer of U2, couldn’t escape the global distribution and network effect of Facebook. The rock star, humanitarian, and family man inadvertently shared a portion of his St. Tropez holiday, courtesy of a 19-year old and her Facebook profile. Jane Smith (name changed for purposes of this…

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