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Brian Solis Identifies the Stall Behind Digital Banking Transformation

Brian Solis Identifies the Stall Behind Digital Banking Transformation

Following a report on the state of digital banking that found a “recipe for failure” in today’s banking ecosystem in regard to digital transformation, The Financial Brand turned to digital analyst Brian Solis for his assessment of the reason behind the industry’s stall. The Financial Brand writes: “According to Solis, companies that say their digital transformation efforts are focused on specific business units or disciplines are typically in the early stages of digital transformation. In these companies, resources are concentrated…

Personal Innovation During Times of Digital Disruption

Personal Innovation During Times of Digital Disruption

Note: For mobile users, please subscribe to my new feed here and unsubscribe from the old Feedburner feed. Ever have one of those conversations with someone you care about where you’re left feeling inspired and motivated? They’re rare occurrences in my life. I can count on one hand how many people I’m lucky to know who leave me feeling this way. One recent conversation was with Jim Marous, Publisher at The Financial Brand. If you’d like to listen to that conversation,…

Top 10 Retail Banking Trends and Predictions for 2016

Top 10 Retail Banking Trends and Predictions for 2016

I’ve been spending an increasing amount of time studying the state and future of finance, banking and retail. Behind the scenes, I’ve spent time with several national and global finance companies/banks as well as several retailers all looking to understand the connected customer and their expectations and preferences when it comes to money, banking and shopping. When Jim Marous, co-publisher of The Financial Brand reached out to talk about the 2016 trends and predictions in retail banking, I was ready…

How Suntrust Uses Social Media to Engage Customers and Comply with Regulation

Financial institutions are bound to rules and regulation than other companies experimenting in customer engagement, specifically in social media, can ignore. Over the years, SunTrust has stood out as one of several examples that understand how to use regulatory boundaries to inspire a new generation of customer engagement. The result is finding balance between risk and reward to meet customer expectations and improve customer experiences now and over time. As I’ve always believed…constraint forces creativity. Bianca Buckridee, AVP of Social…

The Bank of Facebook: How will Facebook interact in the global economy?

What follows is a guest post by Venessa Miemis…I’ve asked her to share insights from a developing research project she’s currently leading, The Future of Facebook Project. I recently took part in the project as I believe this discussion is more relevant than we currently imagine. There has been much speculation recently about the role Facebook Credits could play in becoming a global virtual currency, and even the possibility of Facebook becoming a bank. In many ways, it already is…

A Conversation About You, Social Currency and Social Capital

In February 2011, I have the privilege to speak at the lift conference in Geneva. But this isn’t about the conference as much as it is about an important subject that I’ve been asked to address. While this idea is nothing new to economists, theorists, futurists and other intellectuals around the world, my focus is on those who are unfamiliar with the role they play in an underground, but vital economy. I’m going to explore the undercurrent of social economics,…

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