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Innovation Day: Brian Solis to Present to Leaders at the United Nations About Business Model (and Leadership) Innovation

Brian Solis will present to leaders at the United Nations as part of its Innovation Day on March 22nd, 2023.

Digitization vs. Digital Transformation: Rethinking business for a novel economy

Brian Solis is a world-renowned digital analyst, futurist, and 8x best-selling author who’s been on the front lines of digital transformation and innovation for almost 30 years. He will share the human side of digital transformation and how we can use this moment to CTRL-ALT-DEL our perspective and mindset to unleash new possibilities and outcomes in this novel economy.

Innovation Day exposes United Nations staff to new ideas, processes, behaviours, and concepts. These briefings cover a wide variety of innovative and creative topics. They include internal briefings on innovation across the UN system, as well as briefings by external experts.

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