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ITWeb Names The Next Web Keynote Brian Solis as a Top 5 Speaker at The Next Web

Image Credit: Leyla Boulton, FT Live and senior editor, FT

Brian Solis was named a “top 5 speaker” at The Next Web conference in Amsterdam by ITWeb.

From the original article…

Another standout speaker at The Next Web was Brian Solis. The ‘digital anthropologist’ and celebrated author spoke powerfully about his new book Lifescale:​​ How to Live a More Creative, Productive, and Happy Life in a manner both simple and true, which had the audience questioning their own impediments to happiness and productivity. Solis’ work is credited with strongly influencing the early digital, innovation, and social media landscape. He continues his work in global innovation at Salesforce.

Thank you, Mélody Deunier-Lisene!


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