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How to Transform in a Time of Uncertainty; The Path to Personal and Professional ROI (Return on Innovation)

The following was written as a prelude to a keynote presentation for a global company undergoing massive transformation. May it also inspire you in your work to bring about meaningful change…

Change isn’t easy. This is why “business as usual” constistently becomes the status quo.

Unless we decide to move in a new direction, nothing really changes. No matter our experience and beliefs, no matter how many new things we surround ourselves with, we aren’t really moving in a new direction. We are still on the same path as before. But as a pioneer, you are about to change…everything.

What makes you, what makes pioneers, so special is that you are among the first to explore new horizons and blaze uncharted trails forward for others to follow.

2020 was a disruptive year for everyone. 2021 brought with it hope for a better year and already, people are saying that they’ve tried their “7 day membership” and they would like to cancel their service.

But here’s the thing…

How 2021, 2022, and beyond, unfolds for you, isn’t just a matter of the calendar changing. Your trajectory, your experiences, and your success is directly a result of the challenges you embrace and how you choose to climb them…every day.

The secret is that you are in control. This is your business. These are your teams. These are your customers. They are all looking for leadership in an unprecedented time of uncertainty. That’s why your next steps matter so much more than they did in 2020.

Before you, are new sets of tools. All it takes is a new vision and mindset to activate them in ways that deliver unprecedented value to customers, your teams, and you.

So what’s in it for you?



Relevance in a new world.

ROI (Return on Innovation) that unlocks innovation and unprecedented growth.

Together, let’s visualize a new way forward and transcend disruption as a CTRl-ALT-DEL moment to upgrade our future.

1) Let’s channel your newfound passion and assemble new mindsets and tools to ignite different outcomes for teams and customers.

2) Believe that the place to start all change is with ourselves. Change starts with “me”.

3) Shift from “customer experience” as a competitive advantage to the “customer’s experience” to drive human-centered transformation by seeing the world through the eyes of their customers and prospects.

4) Change how we work, and our definition of productivity and success in a work from anywhere world. Empower teams to unleash growth that cultivates existing relationships and new summits to reach.

You got this. Let’s go!

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