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The Future of Work: New Salesforce Research Reveals How Organizations Should Work in a Post-Pandemic Economy

Salesforce published its first data-driven “Global Stakeholder Series: Future of Work, Now” research visualized using Tableau.  The research explores how the COVID-19 pandemic is shaping people’s attitudes about current work environments and their perceptions on the future of work.

Employees now expect their employers to employ strategies for positive, long-term change. This research is meant to provide insights into where organizations can reimagine the future of work, now.

Research Highlights

Working from anywhere is the new norm, but more access to technology is needed. 

60% of respondents expect working from home to become the new norm.

Over one third of non-remote workers globally say they do not have the technology to effectively work from anywhere.

65% of employees believe that workforce development must be a high priority for businesses, and 70% say technology should play a major role within it.

The top 5 skills employees say they need:

1) Adaptability
2) Collaboration
3) Resilience
4) Creativity
5) Trade skills

Employee safety and well-being are paramount.

Sixty-one percent of respondents believe that businesses should make closing the gap on global inequalities a priority.

four in five respondents (79%) believe that workplace safety should be a high priority for businesses.

Employees will share personal information in exchange for a safe working environment.

77% would share their work activity.

69% would share their medical information.

59% would share their location history.

56% would share who they interact with.

“Change is hard because change is human. Now more than ever, we must empower people to become more adaptive, more open to collaboration, and more open to doing new things. Soft skills are increasingly in-demand and we can use technology to expedite meaningful change.”

Businesses have the power to be a platform for change

60% of respondents trust businesses to build a better future for younger generations, and are counting on them to do so, while half (52%) say it’s critical their employer gives back to the community.

62% say that companies will invest more in workforce development.

The Most Important Focus Areas for Businesses to Reopen Safely

1) Technology to ensure employee safety at work

2) Employee benefits

3) Workplace design

4) Employee training and skill development

5) Remote work

6) Employee mental health

7) Employee diversity

8) Opportunities for employees to give back to the community

9) Internal communications

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