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Salesforce Live Australia & New Zealand: The Future of Customer Experience, in the Age of Generation Novel

Please join me today at Salesforce Live Australia & New Zealand, April 22, 11:32-11:55am Sydney Time.

The Future of Customer Experience, in the Age of ‘Generation Novel’ – Link

The New Normal is for everyone else. The Next Normal is where everyone is racing. But not you. This rare Ctrl-Alt-Del moment is both a disruption and a gift. For the last 20 years, the world was changing because of digital. Now, the world has changed and it’s not going back. The emotional and psychological effects of the pandemic are resetting customer values and encouraging them to experiment with other brands, retailers, and services giving rise to ‘Generation-Novel’, the customer segment created by the pandemic. Want to boost customer loyalty in this era of uncertainty? Start with reimagining service and customer experience. Then, think differently about the role your service teams and customer service plays in the customer journey.

In this eye-opening session, Brian Solis will…

  • Explain the effect of the pandemic on long term customer behaviour and emerging business models.
  • Explore how customers and our teams can learn from one another to create new value in the #NovelEconomy.
  • Share how implementing a relationship transformation (RTx) framework can improve customer experience.

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