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Designing for Digital-First Customers: Focus on Experience as a Driver for Breakthrough Innovation

Experience design and innovation are key differentiators and beacons for the way forward – especially in these times of disruption. While it’s counterintuitive to think about investments when everyone else is exploring cost-cutting, this is exactly the time to break new ground.

Those who study customer dynamics, needs, emotions, and aspirations to reveal meaningful and empathetic ways to innovate will succeed in business and in customer relationships. That’s power, and urgency, of designing human-centered experiences.

The challenge lies in breaking the status quo and in seeing new possibilities beyond building upon legacy experiences.

Designing for the transactional nature of engagement is just that, transactional. It’s forgettable. Design with intentionality. Design with aspiration. Design for #IgniteMoments.

The goal of experience design in this new, emerging world, is to spark within our customers a sense that they’re appreciated and valued and also awareness of the intentional magic we deliver in each and every touch point. ✨

Here are five things to think about as we aim to thrive during the pandemic and grow in the post-pandemic “re-emergence.”

1) Study how the pandemic has changed customer expectations and advanced digital-first expectations

2) Answer why digital has changed customer behaviors, values, and expectations and discover what excellence can look like (this is the heart of experience design)

3) Explore the role experience plays in the new customer journey and why digital-first experiences change the game

4) Learn how do design and deliver new experiences that become competitive advantages

5) Master experience innovation as a matter of business to help your company earn relevance now and in the future


Please read more about #IgniteMoments and the digital CX imperative for the post-pandemic economy here.

Please watch my presentation at DeepCrawl here.

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