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5G Wireless Technology Holds ‘Possibilities No One Has Imagined,’ Solis Tells Inc.

Digital analyst Brian Solis put his forecasting skills to use for Inc.’s Kimberly Weisul in a piece on the future of 5G technology titled 5 Ways to Find the Next Billion-Dollar Business Idea on the Order of a Google or Netflix.  “There are possibilities no one has imagined.” Solis told Inc. “The new killer apps will build upon that,” he says, mixing elements of virtual and augmented reality in what’s known as mixed reality.

On the subject of the supercharged new internet and how it will be utilized to optimize customer experience, Solis predicts the demand for better and faster customer experience will spur investment and innovation, leading to disruption “that’s going to happen really quickly.”

He forecasts that companies will prioritize mobile data and ramp up their ability to provide personalized experiences for their products and services.  “Once you as a consumer see what real-time personalization looks like, it’s something you want.”

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