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COVID-19 Accelerates Enterprise Adoption of Automation and Hyperautomation Software

Automation Anywhere, a global leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), recently hosted an exclusive event for press and analysts. Brian Solis was invited to participate to share his views on the state and future of automation. In an era of COVID-19, he believes that every business is now operating in an alternate reality that’s disrupted most digital transformation roadmaps. If anything, this global pandemic has accelerated enterprise automation plans by 10 years.

Roberto Torres with CIODive was present during the event and shared his experience in a thoughtful article that all enterprise decision-makers should read.

The article features some of Brian’s thoughts. Excerpts…

When it comes to digital transformation, there’s a clearly outlined before-and-after, said Brian Solis, global innovation evangelist at Salesforce, speaking at the roundtable.

“Digital transformation itself has been disrupted,” said Solis. “That’s forcing organizations to re-prioritize what really matters. What might have been discussed as a previous version of the future is now present reality.”

In that reality, outfitting customer touchpoints with automation has the ability to “improve experiences and create a competitive advantage” amid the disruption, Solis said.

As long-term plans are swiftly deployed as a response to the pandemic, the next phase of automation will need to focus on spotting more repetitive tasks that could potentially become automated.

Identifying these tasks can yield actionable insights that improve customer and employee experience, Solis said.

“We’ve not seen the last disruption,” said Solis “There will be more disruption in our future.”

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