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Brian Solis Shares His Thoughts on Brands Acting Responsibly Amid COVID-19

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Gayle Kesten wrote about branding during a global pandemic and featured Brian Solis in the opening paragraph.

Providing the best customer experience has taken on new meaning in light of COVID-19, which has impacted how companies worldwide conduct business amid shutdowns, social distancing, and, for now, a new way of life.

“This is a time without precedence. Businesses will now have to rethink what CX even means on the other side of this shelter state,” said industry analyst Brian Solis, who is also a digital anthropologist and author. “One thing is for certain: Brands can no longer go about business as usual. That’s behind us. Getting back to basics must become a priority. And the building blocks of basics will need to be informed by what I call data-driven empathy. We learn, unlearn, and innovate in order to build our way forward.”


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