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Themediaonline Article on Client/Agency Relationships References Brian Solis’ “Digital Darwinism”

In an article on Themediaonline by Herman Degener titled, “We need to like you: why client/agency relationships matter,” the author makes reference to Solis’ concept of “digital Darwinism.” He mentions it after discussing the premise of the article in a question: “Just how relevant, or valid, is the client-agency relationship these days?”

Degener writes: “There’s a saying that Brian Solis coined called digital-Darwinism, it’s when technology and society evolves faster than humans. Scary, I know. But similar to how we all thought cookie-based targeting was the silver bullet to all our marketing challenges, we are starting to realise that perhaps technology doesn’t have all the answers, and that as humans we are still exceptional at the one thing technology cannot do: have an emotional relationship.”

He goes on to discuss some of the ways we can enjoy our oft-fleeting relationships, focusing on communication, checking our egos, social media, no hidden agendas and honesty.

Read the entire article here:

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