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CMO by Adobe Article On Quantum Computing Features Quote By Brian Solis

Solis is quoted in an article by CMO by Adobe contributing writer Mercedes Cardona titled “Can Quantum Computing One Day Solve All of Our Business Problems?”

The author starts the article with a unique premise: “Autonomous cars that can avoid traffic jams. A computer that can create life-saving drugs. A robot portfolio manager that can predict and avoid risky investments. It sounds like Minority Report-type sci-fi, but these advances could become reality sooner than you think. These are the developments that could be possible with quantum computing, a fast-developing hardware technology that promises computing speed and power that would be an exponential jump over today’s computers.“

Cardona points out that the quantum computing market is expected to grow about 25% annually during the next five years, from $93 million in 2019 to $283 million by 2024, according to a report by MarketsandMarkets. Notably, the report also forecasts the market for quantum computing as a service will grow from $4 million to $13 million, putting the expensive computers within reach.

Solis is is mentioned in a section of the piece called “Brass Quantum Tacks”

The author prefaces his quote by asking, “So what does quantum computing mean for organizations?”
Solis says, “Some of the initial aims are in the scientific realm, i.e., discovering cures to deadly diseases, exploring solutions for climate change, etc. Also, because of the scale of quantum, we’ll see advancements in cryptography, complex business and computer modeling, sophisticated data analytics, forecasting, automation, AI, financial services, and supply chain and logistics.”

Read the entire article here:

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