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Brian Solis Interviews Former North American EVP & CMO of Nestle Waters About Using Technology to Better Understand Their Customer Journey

In a article by Jacqueline Dooley called “How Nestle Waters uses marketing technology to drive growth, the author draws on an interview Solis did with Antonio Sciuto, the former North American EVP & CMO of Nestle Waters. In the interview, he explains some of the ways NW was using technology to better understand their customer journey at that time. The interview grew out of research that Solis’ firm Altimeter did on Digital Darwinism, which revealed that the most digitally innovative brands invest heavily in technology.

When Solis asked Sciuto about the challenges of unifying engagement with customers across all touchpoints, he said, “It keeps me up at night. “Millennials and Centennials (people born 1994-2010), expect brands to be relevant across all touchpoints, but are also focused on the community and the planet. These expectations are rising to a level that is tough to meet. Marketers should think about the consumer experience as an integrated view that covers all touchpoints as well as the role and relevance of each touchpoint.”

Among other issues, Solis asked him how digital channels have allowed Nestle Waters to better assist customers by delivering the right content at the right time. “The biggest game changer for us,” he said, “has been the availability of data. Capturing data and gaining a better understanding of our customers helps NW remain relevant from the very beginning.” Sciuto later adds, “For me, search is the most important touchpoint. I always tell my brand teams to cover search at its full potential, to think about it the same way you do shelf space in a physical store.”

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