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Meltwater Quotes Brian Solis in Article About User/Consumer Behavior

In an article by Wesley Matthew on the Meltwater site called “Tackling Trends in User Behaviour: What’s Hot and How to Stay on Top of It All,” the writer quote “the famous words” of Solis to support his thesis exploring the changing behaviors of consumers in an ever-shifting digital landscape.

Solis’ quote is short but to the point, and, in Matthew’s estimation, ring true for various touchpoints: “Social media is about sociology and psychology more than technology.”

Matthew uses the quote as a springboard into his other opinions: “Take Baby Boomers, for example. They form part of one of the wealthiest generations in existence but have long been overlooked by marketers and strategists as an aging, technologically unsavvy demographic. However, we know that Baby Boomers are changing and even share some commonalities with the audiences that get the most limelight – millennials and Gen-Zs.
People, like their environments, are not static and once we begin to look beyond the labels and treat these as a starting point, rather than the be all and end all of our understanding, we can gain even more valuable insight and strategise accordingly.”

Read the entire article here:

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