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Forbes Article on Influencer Marketing Fraud Mentions Brian Solis

Solis is mentioned in an article by contributor Mat Zucker (of the CMO Network) titled “Influencer Marketing Fraud – Heroes Among Us.” The writer begins his piece by mentioning that the spotlight on influencer marketing has become glaring this year. He writes: “With more companies investing money and technology into what they see as an effective yet emerging practice for brands to engage customers, what’s also more prominent are hard questions about measurement, the absence of standards—and fraud.”

Zucker writes about his takeaways from the Influencer Fraudonomics Summit, organized and presented by Sylo, an independent, third-party evaluation and performance solution. Attendees included folks from agencies, brands, creators, marketing platforms and industry organizations. The event was a one-day gathering in New York to bring the industry together to build awareness on influencer fraud and host a dialogue about solving it.

He mentions Solis under his section 4/The use cases are increasingly more varied. Zucker writes: “While influencer marketing may have roots in direct to consumer and categories such as retail, fashion, food and hospitality, the world for it is growing and the outcomes it can support are evolving. B2B players obviously have different needs and plays for this practice, with companies such as SAP deploying influencers with expertise, rather than folks to sell products. My colleague Brian Solis’ report Influence 2.0 with Traakr cites expansion of influencer marketing beyond increasing awareness and improving brand advocacy to reputation management and even improve customer satisfaction.

Read the entire article here:

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